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About Us

Fox&Fifth is a UK based visual content agency with a strong focus on video production services for Branded Content and Internal Communications.

We have full, in-house production capabilities and a large roster of hand-picked freelancers that give us the ability to scale up or down quickly to meet the requirements of any size project. But more importantly, we have that key ingredient to enable very high production values; our creative capabilities.


We are storytellers:

At Fox&Fifth, we believe that everybody has a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours effectively. By creating emotional connections between you and your audience, we can help you drive stakeholder engagement and bolster your branded content with powerful and compelling video content that excites and engages. It’s this understanding of moving image, narrative and storytelling that sets us apart.


Whether you need to talk to employees, clients, suppliers, business partners or shareholders, we’ll tailor a video solution that captivates your audience, inspires action, and drives results for your business and your brand.


We are industry experts:

We enter every project looking to exceed your expectations and build the best possible story, but this alone isn’t enough. We know video and we do it well. Each one of us has spent years honing our skills, gathering valuable experience and pushing ourselves to be better. We have all worked at the highest levels of the media industry for large corporate clients as well as some of the biggest brands both in the UK and abroad, bringing together a wealth of skills and technical experience that put us at the top of our field.


We are authentic:

We see the work we do as an exercise in creating relationships and connecting with you. We listen. It’s here that we stand out, that we thrive and that we create our best work. Working in a partnership to bring your visions to life.


Regardless of your industry, audience or message, we have a solution. So, give us a call or drop us an email and let us execute your brief, amplify your message and safeguard your strategy.


We are Fox&Fifth

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