Do you need to explain your product or service in a fun and simple way?

If so – you’re in the right place.

Explainer videos are an important tool in any company’s marketing strategy. They should be engaging and easy to follow whilst giving an overall sense of what your brand is all about. A professional quality explainer video will set you on the path to success.

Your brand explainer video will be the  first thing people see when they  head to your website or social media; so it’s important it is of great quality and substance.

1. Decide on your method

Hire a Company – Hiring a professional video production company (like Fox & Fifth) is probably the easiest way to create a top notch explainer video. If you’re a busy company, handing over all the responsibility might be the most sensible option – as it will take a lot of time out of your schedule. Although this is probably the most expensive option, it will deliver excellent results with a lot less work for you.

Hire a Freelancer – You can also hire a freelancer to work on your explainer video. This will create similar results to hiring a company, however it may be hard to determine what the overall quality of the experience will be.

Do It Yourself – If you have a bit of time  on your hands, or you’re trying  to save  some pennies, it can be quite fun to make your own. With proper research and planning you can create a good quality explainer video. Let’s take a look at how…

2. Answer a creative brief

When hiring  a company or freelancer they  will usually ask you some simple questions about your brand, to point them in the right direction. Doing this yourself can help you create a good idea of what to include in your explainer video and how you’re going to do it.

Answer the questions below:

– What is your product/service?
– What tone of voice would best describe your company? i.e fun, uplifting, energetic.
– Who is your target audience?
– What problem does your product/service help people overcome? How does it help?
– What makes you unique?
– How do people get a hold of your product/service?
– What do you want people to do after watching your explainer video? (i.e. your CTA)
– Are there any examples of other brands’ videos that you like?

3. Decide On Your Style

There are 3 main types of explainer video:

Live Action

Real people doing real things. If you’re a brand looking for an authentic connection and a chance to put yourself or your team in the spotlight, then live action could be the style for you.

For more information about live action content check out our blog: 4 Types of Live Action Brand Videos and Why You Would Use Them.


It can seem like a daunting task to create your own animation video, but it is a popular style due to its professional and sleek look.

Screen Recording

An easy way to clearly show what your product is all about. Simple and cheap to create, however it lacks the professional quality of its rival styles.

Have a browse around other videos from brands within your field. What works well? What do you like? What is the main style? By taking a look at other examples you can decide on the style best suited to your company.

4. Write a Killer Script

If your explainer video was a house then the script would be your bricks. It is the foundation on which everything else is laid.

Here are some tips to get started:

– Keep it simple – Make sure the language is easy to understand. You don’t need to squeeze in every inch of detail, just highlight the most important points.
– Keep it concise – Short and sweet is definitely the best approach. Your video should be between 1-2 minutes long.
– Be consistent – Make sure your script sticks to the same tone of voice throughout.
– Stick to the brief – make sure the script fits the guidelines and answers the questions.
– Be creative – There are many ways to get your point across. Writing a script doesn’t have to be serious. There are many wonderful copywriting techniques you can try. Check some out here: 17 Must Know Copywriting Techniques by Writtent.

End with your CTA – Make sure to end your video with a clear call to action. That way people know what to do next.

Note: If writing isn’t your forte you can hire a copywriting freelancer. There are lots out there to choose from. If you need a place to start, websites such as Fiverr have freelancers available for hire at a relatively cheap price.

5. Hire a Voice Actor

You’re going to need someone to record your wonderful script.

Voice actors are easy to find. Head over to or fiverr and have a browse for someone who you think encapsulates your tone well. If you have your own recording equipment, you can also do it yourself!

You’re ready to start creating your explainer video.

If you have opted for Live Action. It’s time to get your team together. You will need actors, a camera, microphone and lighting.

This blog by 99 designs gives an excellent guide on how to create your own live action explainer.

If you have opted for Animation, there is lots of software for you to try out such as videoscribe, biteable and adobe.

This blog by Tech Smith gives an excellent guide on how to create your own animated explainer.

Good Luck!

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