Creating video content is an essential but costly and time-consuming task. By repurposing your videos, you can refresh and update your website and social media without having to create new material.

Check out our top tips below on how to get the most out of your video marketing.

1 – Snip it into Social Media

As you’re probably already aware, Social Media is slowly but surely taking over the digital world. Currently, the average American social media user spends 2.7 hours per day on social media, and of all adults with internet access, 71% use social media. That’s a hefty amount!

The human attention span has recently fallen to just 8 seconds, so your five-minute-long brand video is unlikely to be watched in full on Social Media. Not to mention it won’t fit with many of the platforms’ time limits.

Split your video into bitesize chunks to repurpose it for social media. If you chop it into smaller sections that align with a topic or theme then you’ve got a lot of new content! In addition, you can add titles or graphics using a design website such as Canva if needed.

PS – Remember that 50% of consumers say captions are essential because they watch video with sound off, so remember to subtitle your content.

2 – Transcribe to a Blog Post

Transcribing your video to a blog post has numerous benefits. Not only does it help you appeal to a broader audience, as some may prefer to read rather than watch, but it also bulks out your website while making it more SEO-friendly.

A transcript gives your more opportunity to rank higher in search queries. You can also add more keywords and points that were perhaps skimmed over or missed during the video (this is usually only necessary for a live recording or interview).

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3 – Turn Video to Podcast

If you have a podcast channel, then why not repurpose your video content into a podcast? This works particularly well for interviews and live events or ‘How To’ style brand videos. Simply split the audio from the video and upload it.

It might be a good idea to add an introduction or short piece of music at the start of the podcast, which can be meshed with the video audio using a programme such as Logic or Audacity.

4 – Pull Still Images From Your Video

A simple but helpful way to repurpose your video content is to pull still images from it. You can use this to promote your video on social media or bulk out your website and  blog posts.

5 – Split and Splice Multiple Videos Together

Cutting and joining different videos together is a great way to stretch your content. Take sections from videos that have similar topics and stitch them together.

For example, you may have a customer testimonial at the end of every brand video. Cut these testimonials away and glue them together using a programme such as iMovie to create a testimonial video you can use on your review page and social media platforms.

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