The second in our series on effective ways to use video looks at ideas on how to highlight your products. Video is an incredibly effective tool for sharing the wonders of your products and services with the world. As a medium it is far more engaging than a picture gallery and written description. There are various formats available that allows you to highlight your products and services and below we list a few for you to consider.

The straight forward product video will usually describe the attributes of a product by using a presenter, a voiceover or on-screen text. The decision on which of these to use will depend on various factors such as budget, your brand look and feel, or even the product itself. These are great for sharing on your social media channels (if appropriate) or uploading to your website. Product videos have shown to increase conversion rates on ecommerce sites so if you run an online shop on your website you can add the product video to your product pages to increase conversion rates.

Case study of a happy customer

The customer testimonial is a tried and trusted format that conveys the trustworthiness of your product or service. Why not delve a bit deeper into the customer journey and take potential customers on the complete journey from start to end? Exploring the problem your customer experienced and how your product solved that problem takes the testimonial concept one step further and starts to stockpile trust with potential customers that will be very useful when they get to the point of making a buying decision.

‘How to’ videos involving your products

‘How to’ videos have two great advantage. Firstly, it shows your product in action, which, in my opinion, counts for far more than all the glossy photography in the world. Secondly it gives your audience some that adds value to their lives and a reason to subscribe to your channel. The concept of the ‘how to’ video doesn’t just need to be taken too literally and limit yourself to just making content that explains how to do something. Any content that gives useful information that can be serialised can be made into a video series. If your company makes mixers for alcoholic drinks, you can make a series on how to create different drinks and cocktails using your product, but you can also do a series on, say, the top 5 pubs in Manchester that serve your drinks.

Another advantage of the ‘how to’ format is that it gives you a great opportunity to partner with customers and suppliers and leveraging their audience to your mutual advantage. Done correctly, this format can form a very good backbone for a successful video content strategy.

Most people don’t read manuals. They just don’t! Luckily that provides another touchpoint for you to interact with your customer. A lot of products need set-up instructions. Using video to create these means that you can steer your customer to your social media channels, encouraging them to subscribe and increasing the chances of repeat business. Customer support videos have the added advantage of
reducing complaints and thus lowering your after-sales support cost.

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