People love Christmas!

The holiday season equates to more consumers shopping and spending in high spirits. It’s the perfect time for marketers to roll up their sleeves and get festive with their strategies.

With millions of brands competing to release a fantastic campaign, it’s important you get your strategy perfect. Here are some tips to make your video marketing successful at Christmas.

1. Festive at heart

As much as you want to sell your product, the happiness of Christmas should remain the most important part of your video marketing.

The more you reflect the celebratory qualities of Christmas, the more personable and trustworthy your brand will seem.

Take a look at this campaign from 2011 by John Lewis. It’s sweet, simple and signifies the importance of family and happiness, without overselling their products.

2. Be a gift

In 2019 there was a 63% increase in people splashing out on gifts for over 20 people! Marketing your product as a gift is the most effective way to sell your product this holiday season.

Gifts are both desired and needed over Christmas, so make sure your brand takes advantage.

3. Pull on emotion

Christmas is a time for connection, and with connection comes a lot of emotion.

Create a Christmas ad that really connects and hits home with your audience. A short storyline that means something will undoubtedly outsell a montage of flashy products.

You can also connect with humour. We love to have fun at Christmas and a light-hearted ad that puts a smile on the faces of its audience will be sure to be a favourite.

4. Stay within brand guidelines

Make sure your audience recognises you.

Whilst venturing outside your normal with a little festive cheer it’s important your brand still remains true  to itself.

Use the same design, fonts, logo and tone of voice to ensure your brand doesn’t stray and become something new entirely.

5. Be different

Walkers managed to create a festive Christmas ad that combined sausage rolls and charity. If they  can do it you can too!

People love to see something outside the box at Christmas time. Tune into your quirky side this holiday season. A step in a strange direction can take you a long way.

6. Choose a Good Thumbnail

Have you ever seen a video pop up and thought “nah”?

There could’ve been a few reasons. Your head may be saying “it’s too long” or “I don’t like that brand”, but the most common is “it doesn’t look very good”.

If people don’t like the look of your video before they’ve even started watching it, it’s not looking very promising. Make sure your video looks and sounds like a great watch.

7. Make It Easy To Act (CTA)

Make sure your audience knows what to do! Include links to your website and product. Let them know how to get in touch and where they can get hold of your amazing product or service.  There is no point in creating a festive, sparkly, Christmas ad if people don’t know where to go after!  

The holidays are a great time to connect with your customer base, whether it’s to sell some product or grow your contacts list.

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