We all know connection is important.

Human connection nurtures healthy relationships, improves mental well-being and encourages proficient collaboration.

According to studies by The Canadian Mental Health Association, connection can help regulate emotions, lower anxiety, increase self-esteem and improve our immune systems.

In short, connection is a vital component to a healthy workplace.

So, how can you connect with your employees?

Good connection between employers and employees is vital when building an efficient and happy working environment. With Covid 19 still looming over us, and many UK businesses working from home, connection has never been more important.

Meetings are time consuming and information is easily missed. Lengthy emails or documents are impersonal and often feel clinical for the reader.

Why use  video?

Video is a visual tool of communication which can provide connection when it is least accessible. It is a simple tool which keeps your team on the same page in a fun and engaging way. It allows your employees and colleagues to understand and relate to each other successfully and easily.

How  Do  I  Use  Video  to  Connect?
1. Regular  Updates

Use video to provide weekly or even daily updates for your employees. A quick, informative video is easy, simple and fun to watch. With over 48% of all employees considering video as the  most engaging form of communication, you’ll be starting the day the right way.

Regular updates are important for improving your connection with your employees as it keeps them informed with any progress, changes or news. This motivates your employees as it emphasises their value as important assets to the team.

2. Bridge  the  Divide

It is important to build your relationship with your employees on mutual respect, support and understanding. The hierarchy should not be abused as it may lead  to a negative, toxic relationship.

The US Gallup  study, How Millennials Want to Work and Live found that new workforce generations do not want bosses but coaches. They want employers that will help them to understand and learn.

Using video  can help  bridge the  divide.  With informative yet easy to understand videos, you can explain and  support your staff in a relaxed, unthreatening way. Employees will appreciate the  ease of information and  respect employers for their strong use of communication.

3. Make  It Personal

Long, wordy documents can be frosty and  generalised. Video encourages unique connections amongst different sections of the workforce.

By editing your video to meet the specific needs of a single team or employee, you show understanding and care for the individual needs of your workforce.

4. Lead  By Example

With 87 percent of young executives believing video has a significant and positive impact on their organization, it’s no wonder many use it as their primary method of communication. With so many visual options available, as an employer you’re able to lead by example.

By personally promoting company culture, values and products, you demonstrate the hard-work and care you devote to your job. Leading by example builds stronger connections with your team as they respect your dedication and understanding.

5. Simplify Complex Information

Understanding information and messages is vital when building good connections. By using video to simplify complex information, you encourage strong communication amongst a well-informed workforce.

For more details on how video can help simplify complex information, check out our blog: 5 Ways Video Can Simplify Information For Your Workforce.