Your company culture video is like a ‘behind the scenes’ brand experience. It’s a quick glimpse into who you are, what you do and why you do it.

A company culture video allows your future business partners or employees to find out what makes your company tick, giving them insight into what it would be like working with you. It should be truthful and positive whilst adding a human touch to your brand’s personality.

Brands such as Apple and Founders Brewing Cohave excellent company culture videos. Find out what to include in yours to make it great.

1 – Explain your mission & vision

The most important thing to include in your company culture video is your mission and vision statement. Your mission and vision statement should epitomise your goals and give a clear idea of your company’s direction.

Think of your mission and vision statement as the first building block for your company culture video. Everything else will be built on top of it, so it must be a strong and secure start.

For more information on mission and vision statements, take a look at Bain and Company’s blog.

2 – Keep it simple

A company culture video is an introduction, not the main event. Like a movie trailer, it should excite and encourage the audience to find out more without giving away the  end.

Although you should explain your best qualities and most exciting features, you don’t need to go into tons of detail. Introduce your audience to the bigger picture before delving into your company’s more intricate elements.

3 – Be personal

It’s time to connect with your audience by letting them get to know you. It should focus on how your company approaches work and what you believe is essential within your working environment.

It would be a good idea to address work/life balance, office culture, and the qualities you feel are important in your workplace. This will help potential employees decide whether or business partners determine whether your company is a good fir for them.

4 – Don’t sell

It’s important not to be pushy. Although you are what makes you so great, don’t oversell yourself. Your company culture video should be relaxed and laidback. If you oversell your brand, you may seem desperate and put off any potential interest. Let your audience comet to you!

5 – Use your team

What better way to promote your team than by using your team itself? You don’t need fancy actors to make your company culture video a success.

People like to see real people. Use your most confident team members to explain why they love their job and what makes your company so great!

6 – Tell a Story

Storytelling is the oldest trick in the book.

People love to know the history of a brand, especially if they’re hoping to work with you. Just  look at the Jack Daniels team; they made an entire marketing campaign out of it! If you have an exciting start-up story, then use it! Or try a “day in the life of” style videos and make a story from your day to day experience.

7 – Share it