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6 of the Best Free Tools to Improve Your Video Marketing

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Are you looking for some free, handy tools that will help to boost your video marketing? Perhaps you have minimal experience with video production and would like a helping hand?

These 6 Video Marketing tools are helpful for everyone from beginner to pro and are sure to simplify your video marketing journey. Take a look below at our list of The Best Free Video Marketing Tools to Improve Your Video Production.

What Does it Do? This handy little app allows you to create professional online storyboards.

Why Is It Helpful? A clear and concise storyboard helps you visualise your content and organise your ideas into reality. You can dynamically communicate your video ideas, making presentations and pitch meetings more visual and engaging.

What Does it Do? This simple online tool generates title ideas for your videos.

Why Is It Helpful? Are you stuck in a content rut? Perhaps you're looking for a small slice of inspiration? This quick and easy to use website generates video titles around your subject matter. Simply type in your topic and generate! The Content Idea Generator is also a handy tool for discovering new social media captions or blog titles.

What Does It Do? This website does what it says on the tin - it times your script!

Why Is It Helpful? The majority of videos (60%) are less than 2 minutes long. Keeping videos short and sweet is the best practice for SEO and a proven way to encourage customer retention.

This Script Timer by Vidyard is an easy way to ensure your script is the correct length for your marketing video. Simply copy and paste your script in the designated box, and Vidyard will estimate the time of the speech.

What Does It Do? Biteable is a free way to make quick and easy video animations for your brand.

Why Is It Helpful? If you're low on time and money, biteable is a simple solution. The app allows you to create good quality videos in minutes. You can personalise the app to compliment your brand colours, and it has various templates for you to work from. This is the perfect website for someone with little to no video production experience who wants to get started quickly.

What Does It Do? PremiumBeat gives you access to a royalty-free music library to enhance your videos.

Why Is It Helpful? All of PremiumBeat's tracks are exclusive and copyright clear. Their royalty-free status means that you don't have to worry about purchasing licences, and you can avoid extra charges. The versatile set of music is cleverly composed to incite different moods and tones to work seamlessly with your brand style. This library is used by some of the world's biggest brands such as Amazon, Vogue and Google.

6 - Canva

What Does It Do? Canva allows you to create attractive thumbnails for your videos. You can also embed videos into your social media designs, which are compatible with all platforms.

Why Is It Helpful? Canva is a handy design tool, which allows you to create professional-quality social media posts and other marketing collateral. This app is perfect for creating dynamic video thumbnails! You can create colour and font palettes for your brand to make sure every design contributes to your overall brand image.

If you need help boosting your branded video content, get in touch with us today at and set up a free consultation!

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