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Service Offering

We’re passionate about dynamic video content that tells your brand’s story in a way that your ideal customer can emotionally connect with. We don’t just do video. We get to the bottom of what makes your customer tick, find out what they respond to, and show them how you meet their needs through the most engaging storytelling medium there is.


Your brand is unique, and so we tailor our offering to suit your story. Whether your project requires one, two, or all, our offering can be narrowed down to the key services below.

Creative Development

We like to aim before we shoot, which is why we like to start every new project with a bit of R&D. During this step, our team of raconteurs – each supremely skilled in the art of storytelling – sets about identifying the best themes, ideas and concepts that define the story we’re about to tell. Together with you, this is where we figure out your project’s goals, and how to craft a narrative that resonates with your target audience..

Location Filming

Whether shooting in studio or on location, our production team relishes the opportunity to breathe life into our ideas. We take care of every aspect of production, including scouting for the perfect location, arranging the necessary permits, as well as capturing the story through lighting and sound using state-of-the-art equipment, in the most engaging way.

Motion Graphics

We all process a lot of content every day. To keep our attention, brands need to offer us variety. Motion graphic are animated elements that can add depth and visual interest to your video. Depending on your story, our team of motion graphics artists can create anything from the simplest animated text and icons to complex sequences that enhance your narrative, explain abstract concepts, or add an engaging dimension to your brand’s message.


With a road map in place, we turn those ideas into a well-structured script. Depending on the nature of the project, the script not only conveys how we get to the story, but does so by giving audiovisual directions, voice-over text (if needed), and in cases involving a bit of acting, dialogue. At this point, you can start seeing how the tone, style and language aligns with your brand identity.

Remote Recording

Remote operations are nothing new, but the need for them has increased in recent years. To meet that need, our remote recording services are perfectly tailored to webinars, interviews, virtual events, and remote training, with the highest quality video and audio to ensure your message is conveyed as clearly as possible.

3D Modelling and Animation

Whether as an add-on to live action footage or on its own, our 3D modelling and animation service allows us to create realistic 3D models, environments and animations that can add an extra dimension to your video. This is particularly useful in describing how your product works, especially when filming the real deal doesn’t do it justice, simply cannot be filmed – or when you want to provide your audience with a tour of what you offer, such as an architectural walkthrough or a virtual journey.


The imagination is a vast and endless realm in which all things are possible. To help us get specific about what exactly we’re going to be looking at, we turn scripts into storyboards. This is where we map out every shot, scene, and sequence in the video. The storyboard allows everyone involved in the project to understand the vision and flow of the story.

Video Editing

Our experienced editors and sound designers splice together the footage, and add music, sound effects, voice-overs, and special effects as they magic together a powerful, impactful video. To ensure the highest quality of storytelling – and that your video makes the necessary emotional impact – we carefully review the timing, rhythm, and pace of each video.

Subtitling and Translation

Our clients operate all over the world, which means we need to reach their audiences in various languages. Our team of linguistic experts can accurately translate your message into multiple languages and add subtitles to your video, making it possible to reach any audience, anywhere.

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