Although animation and motion graphics are the most popular choice for a brand video, live action content can offer a variety of opportunities.

If you’re a brand looking for an authentic connection and a chance to put yourself or your team in the spotlight, then live action could be the style for you.

Here are 4 types of live action brand videos and why you would use them.

1. Live Action

A classic TV or digital commercial featuring real people (or more often, actors).

Live action videos work well for health and wellness, beauty, fashion, lifestyle brands. They’re a great wait to introduce your company and products whilst promoting yourselves as front runners in your field.

Although they can be costly – a live action brand video is a professional way to stamp your mark on your industry.


– Adds  a “human touch” – often customers like to see real people behind a brand.
– It is relatable.
– Showcases your brand’s personality.

Good Example: Dollar Shave  Club

This live action brand video  from Dollar Shave Club is known amongst marketers for being incredibly successful.

Why does it work? It gets the  point across quickly. It’s funny, witty, and convincing, it gives a clear  insight into the brands personality and it was cheap to make. A video like this wouldn’t suit every brand, but Dollar Shave Club certainly found their unique style.

2. Vlogs

The art of creating blogs in a video format. In 2015 it was discovered that four times as many customers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read a product description.

Vlogs are perfect for keeping your digital platforms fresh. They translate well to social media and are the perfect “explainer” tool. If you need to get across a lot of content, a vlog is a simple way to achieve this.

Remember 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, so vlogs are the perfect way to make your message memorable.


– Simplifies in-depth content.
– Very versatile (can be used for reviews, explainer videos, interviews, product launches).
– Fun and engaging.
– Can feature your team.
– Low cost.

Good Example: Bon Appetit

Why does it work? The magazine Bon Appetit creates wonderful weekly vlogs using their own team. The vlogs are informative, funny, trustworthy and an interesting watch in general. The videos add a lot to the brands overall identity and have raised the magazines profile immensely.

3. Interviews/Presentation

Video interviews or presentations are a great way to communicate information both internally and externally. They highlight your company as leaders within your field and show your passion for your product or service.

Interviews in particular can be beneficial when building your company profile. By interviewing external pioneers and linking it to your brand, you grow a larger audience and whilst
educating your team.


– Can cover a wide range of subjects
– Can be used for internal and external communication
– Showcases your knowledge
– Inexpensive

Good Examples: Vogue

Why does it work? Not everyone can interview celebrities. However Vogue’s simple idea of asking 73
questions is funny, interesting and easy to watch. The style is relaxed and has a care-free feel that is easy to imitate.

4. Live Streaming

Hosting a fun event?

Live streaming events is a great way to create engaging footage from prearranged content. Virtual events
are all the rage (particularly during lockdown) and they give your audience the chance to be a part of your event without attending physically.

Events tend to give you a lot of footage which you can stretch across your marketing plan and weave in and out of your social media content over time.


– Pre Organised footage
– Easy to capture
– Lots of content
– Easy to recycle and use across your digital platforms.

Good Example: Time Out