With 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool (up from 63% over the last year), how do you make yours stand out?

It’s always good to think outside the box and get creative, but most importantly consumers must feel a connection with your brand. It’s time to let everyone know what you’re about and how you can help.

Clear, simple story-telling is the fine art of marketing, which can sometimes get lost in translation under excess material and mountains of artistic ideas.

Below are 6 examples of companies that we think nailed their brand videos. Take a look at the different ways these brands showcased their USP and personality cleverly, clearly and innovatively.

1 – DollarShaveClub.com: Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Style: Humorous live action.

Marketers widely regard this video as a simply genius strategy. The video is light and funny, and you get a clear snapshot of Dollar Shave Club’s quirky personality.

Dollar Shave Club clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, and they appeal to a large consumer base with their down to earth jokes and comedic edge. The ad was very cheap to make and tells you exactly how and what the brand does, whilst gently criticising its competitors.

Four years after creating this ad, the company sold for over $1 billion! Pretty impressive.

2 – Spotify: Spotify has landed in the U.S.

Style: Fun animation

This simple animation tells you everything you need to know about Spotify in a fun and charming way. This brand video is a prime example of how you can get so much across without a script or voiceover. Spotify uses music as its core, making it clear what the popular platform offers.

3 – GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten

Style: Live GoPro Recording

Does anything tug on your heartstrings more than a kitten rescue? GoPro uses emotion and a heart warming tale to showcase their cameras versatility and quality without being pushy or ‘salesy’.

4 – The Somerset Cider Brandy Co.

Style: ‘A Day In The Life”

This lighthearted video takes you through the process of making Somerset Cider Brandy with a friendly interview and stunning countryside shots. The brand’s warm and humble personality is sprinkled throughout and is an excellent example of a marketing video that feels personable and honest.

This video was created by Fox and Fifth. If you are interested in using video to boost your engagement online, please contact us at hello@foxfifth.com

5 – Google Andriod: Friends Furever

Style: Video Montage

Perhaps the worlds cutest video?

Google Andriod have taken their “Be Together, Not the Same” campaign down many different paths, but this one did the perfect job at spreading joy as well as their message.

It’s hard not to like the phone company after this video, and it’s a great example of how positivity is always the best solution.

6 – Always: Like  a Girl

Style: Inspiring Message

Always has taken their position as a leading feminine care brand to the next level. This video educates their audience by supporting women empowerment and educating them on the possible effects of ingrained sexist behaviour.

As leaders within the feminine care industry, Always paves the way for other brands to focus on the bigger picture and tackle the problems that their consumers face daily. This is an excellent example of how your marketing campaign doesn’t always need to relate to your product directly.