Your employees are at the core of your business. On average, British workers will spend 3,515 full days at work during their lifetime. That’s a heck of a commitment!

Candidates looking to join your company will want to know what it’s like to work for you. Hearing about the day-to-day working life, company culture, and environment straight from the source is a great way to accurately showcase what it’s like to work for your company.

Featuring your team on your website is also a great way to show how much you care for and appreciate your staff members. It adds a touch of personality to your brand and introduces the faces behind your success.

Before You Begin

What is the purpose of your staff spotlight video?

Are you creating a staff spotlight to advertise a particular job role, or is this a generic staff spotlight video for your main website?

Deciding on when, where and why you will use this video will make the next steps more manageable and beneficial.

Step One: Source Your Employees

If you are sourcing employees for a video to highlight your entire company, you must pull from a wide range of positions to represent the whole workforce.

It’s essential to pick a diverse range of employees as their experiences within your workplace will vary. A diverse range of employees will provide a clearer picture of what to expect within your company and appeal to a wider variety of candidates.

Make sure to think about:
– Age
– Gender
– Ethnicity
– Religion
– Experience

If you are keen to focus on one team in particular, then pick directly from that source, but choose a range of employees from different seniority levels and positions.

You can either ask all your employees to be involved by sending out a blanket email and choosing from those interested or by directly approaching staff members.

Step Two: Create Your Questions

Make sure to include the basics (this can be added in the subtitles or the credits later):
– Employee name
– Role at your company

The questions you ask should cover a wide range of subjects, to get a good overview.

Think about covering these topics:
– Company/Team culture
– Company Values
– Employee engagement
– Their job role
– Leadership
– Accomplishments
– Events
– Opportunities and Professional growth
– The Office environment
– Passion projects
– Perks and benefits
– Anything unique to your company

You don’t have to ask every staff member about all of these topics, but getting a lot of information, gives  you more content to slice together during the editing phase.

Step Three: Prepare Your Employees

Of course, you want your employees to answer truthfully. However, the camera can make people nervous, so giving the questions to your employees in advance gives them time to process their response.

They should not write an answer or bring anything into the room with them, but a little bit of preparation could help them feel more at ease.

Step Four: Set Up Your Video

It’s a good idea to film within the office space so that the viewer can get a good idea of the building and surroundings. You can also film against a blank wall or plain background to remove distractions.

Things to avoid:
– A busy environment (this can be distracting)
– Background noise (computer tapping, air conditioning, traffic)
– Windows or light behind the interviewee

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Step Five: Film

Whilst filming, keep a calm and comfortable setting.

It’s a good idea to keep rolling throughout as you can remove any mistakes during the editing process. Try not to interrupt your employee, and always leave a few seconds before and after each question to make cutting the content easier.

Step Six: Edit and Enhance

Upload your video to an editing tool such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere or Movie Maker.

Using the software of your choice, you can cut clips, add transitions, music, text and filters.

Here are some top tips when editing your video:
– Start with your logo and name (Take a look at our About Us video as an example)
– Keep it under two minutes long (Short and sweet)
– Mix and match the staff members (You do not need to include everything from every staff member – just the highlights!)
– Add subtitles (Including name and job title)
– Check the levels (If you’re adding music underneath, make sure that this doesn’t disrupt the interview)
– Add shots of your building and staff members interacting or working together for variety.

Step Eight: Share and Promote

It’s time to share and promote your video. As well as uploading it to your website, be sure to add it to your social media accounts. Linked In and Facebook are powerful platforms to promote your staff spotlight profiles.

Be sure to check out  our blog, 7 Tips To Boost Your Video Engagement on Facebook, to make the most out of your content.

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