This year 81% of businesses are using Video as a marketing strategy tool. It’s time for your brand to jump aboard this fast-moving marketing train (if it hasn’t already!)

Before you start creating video content, it’s important to make sure you have a focused strategy that will make sure your video fulfils your marketing goals. After all purpose without content is useless but content without purpose is pointless.

Let’s get your video marketing strategy in shape with the 5 P’s.

Purpose, People, Present, Plan & Pennies.

Let’s dive in!

1. Purpose

This is the first and most important step.

You must decide why you are making your video. What is the purpose of it? What is it meant to do?

There are many reasons to invest in video marketing but you must be sure of what your brand is specifically aiming to achieve.

A great way to decide your purpose is by working out where you are on the marketing funnel, which can be split simply into 4 sections.

– Awareness – You need to raise brand awareness and let potential customers know about you.
– Consideration – People know about your brand and now you need to let them know you are the best choice for what they need.
– Conversion – Turning your audience into your customers.
– Loyalty – Retaining, engaging and delighting your customers.

2. People

Now you have confirmed your purpose you need to decide who it is for.

This step requires a detailed analysis of your target audience. This ensures your content is relevant, beneficial and easy to discover for your current or potential buyers.

What  is a target audience?
“A target audience is a group of people defined by certain demographics and behavior. Often, businesses use what they know about their target audience to create user personas. These personas guide their decisions on marketing campaigns.” – Sprout Social

How do  I  find my target audience?
The first thing to do is ask yourself a few simple questions:

What am I selling?
Let’s say I’m selling floral scented candles.

Where am I based?
Let’s say I’m based in London, UK.

How do I sell my product?
Let’s say my shop is completely online.

Why would people buy my product?
A) To keep their  home or shop selling sweet and fresh.
B) For relaxation.
C) To give as a gift for a loved one.

Now with this information it’s time to create my Buyer Personas.

What  is a Buyer Persona?
A buyer personas is what you would describe as your “ideal customer”. You can have numerous buyer personas which will fulfil different elements of your marketing such  as buyer intention, buyer interest, buyer culture etc.

Even by answering the simple questions above, you can see that it would be highly unlikely I am aiming to sell my candles to 15 year old, male, mountain bikers from Texas. So I can create buyer personas who would be genuinely interested in my product, by confirming their demographics.

These factors should include:
– Location
– Age
– Gender
– Employment
– Income

You can extend your buy personas by also considering
– Interests
– Culture
– Buying History
– Subcultures

By creating buyer personas you can channel your video marketing to the correct audience.

For a more detailed explanation on discovering more about your target audience using google analytics and social media, take a look at this blog, “How To Find Your Target Audience” by HubSpot.

3. Present

What story do you want to tell?

This section focuses on the content you want to include. It should always take lead from the first two sections and favour your intention and target audience.

Video content type may take shape in many forms such as live video, explainers, tutorials, presentations, vlogs, motion graphics and more! No matter your story or video type it should always include a conflict and a resolution.

In short – what is the problem and how can you help to fix it?

Take a look at our website or blog to discover different video content options or get in touch to find out what would work well for your brand.

4. Plan

Scheduling is key!

Try to stay organised and on top of your plan. Running over time or missing deadlines could result in skipped steps and an inadequate marketing video.

Make sure to keep to deadlines to avoid any discrepancies.

5. Pennies

Unfortunately no matter how impressive your plan or strategy, there is usually a budget.

Make sure each step of your marketing strategy is carefully mapped out. If you overspend on one section you may fall short later down the line. Sticking to budget is annoying but absolutely necessary to creating a successful marketing video.

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